Tuesday, June 28, 2016

July ish

Sun. July 31- www.facebook.com/events/1756970234577016 
Playboy Manbaby (Tempe party rockers- https://playboymanbaby.bandcamp.com) 
Adult Beverage (https://adultbeverage.bandcamp.com) 
Euth Group (ex-Time Wound/Cloud Lantern- http://euthgrp.bandcamp.com) 
@ Town Hall (2302 Garfield Ave SE) 7-11pm, bring donation$

Mon. Aug. 1- Litter Brain tour kickoff
Litter Brain (all-gal punk supergroup- http://litterbrain.bandcamp.com) 
Boyfriend Armada (locol core) 
Night Kidz (new kidz on the )
@ The Gold House (1817 Gold SE) 7:30pm

Wed. Aug. 3- Predatory Light (Hallucinatory Black Metal from Santa Fe / Seattle. First NM show in 2 yrs, first SF show ever - Members of Ash Borer, Drought, Leech, Anhedonist- https://predatorylight.bandcamp.com) Father Of The Flood (void meditation- https://fatheroftheflood.bandcamp.com) Ol' Dagger (SF metalpunk- https://oldagger.bandcamp.com)
@ The Cave (1226 Calle De Commercio, in Santa Fe) 7:30pm, $5-10 for the touring band

Seeya somewhere soon! Support local independent & underground media; 
practice self-expression. Small things grow tuff in the desert. 

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