Tuesday, February 19, 2013

film crit detour

I've been watching a ton of videos in the last.. oh well, the last several years I guess, but specifically the last week. My mind just got blown out in the wee drunken hours of this morning by the realest dystopic scifi movie I've seen since Sleep Dealer, A Scanner Darkly or David Icke slideshows- only it's a documentary. I'm serious about this!
It's an already 3 year-old Italian doc called Videocracy. Yeah, you got it- Videodrome meets Idiocracy.
See, first there was A Face in the Crowd, then there was Network, then there was, uh, Gov. Schwarzenegger...it's so surreal that I kept thinking I was watching a really clever "mockumentary." The sound editing alone is incredible, with subtle noise & electronica worked in to ominous effect. It's about modern day, insanely sexist Italian fascis-tainment a la Berlusconi, who actually just happens to be running for re-re-re-election less than a week from now. Howzat for topical?
So yeah, never mind Idiocracy, Mike Judge's smug eugenicist comedy - check out Videocracy. It's a much more convincing, and chilling, vision of The Future, by which I mean Already in Full Effect.
Seriously, did you really think North Korea was the only nation of brainwashed robots?
Oh yeah, it's streaming on netfux too.