Tuesday, October 9, 2012

pt 3: More out of The Box

Just a couple more items from the much-vaunted Mystery Media Free(k) Box, then onto other posts.
This contribution came bundled with a couple mixtapes and a photo, which was too dark to translate well to a photocopied zine. More on that in a bit. There was also a note included on an index card that caught my attention; both sides of it here:
Dear finder. Here's a CD, a tape, and a photograph. I want you to know that the CD packet was from a previous finding with 3 CDs which I traded for my {secret?}. Now then, I'd like to tell you something that I can't tell anyone else.
I've thought about offing myself before because of how kids at school make fun of me and how I have no friends and that I'm weird and no boys like me and that I'm not good at anything except Art, which I am proud of but it seems to make some people think I'm even weirder. I've had a boy tell me "Oh, I'm not dating you. I'm not touching anyone who draws stuff like that." And I've heard boys tell each other that they like me in a sarcastic way. Like, "You love her!" "EWW NO YOU DO, dude." "You dream of her!" "No one dreams of her!" Ya it makes me feel like shit. But in the end I decided it would be selfish to off myself & I should grow a pair since I have a house, food and all my senses, I am healthy and have a few friends.
But to tell you; please don't give people shit Please Please no matter how strong they seem you could be killing them. Bye-Bye.
I love you,
Thanks for reading.
The photo was very shadowy and smeared with some paint, but you could just make out a human form. "The one holding the cookie made my life hell in 6th grade. It's gotten better" was written in marker on the photo.
--Love to you as well, and thanks for sharing.

This contribution was a trifolded sheet of paper, with writing on the outside center section, which I copied and pasted onto the other side for the sake of space.
I find I never have anything to contribute when I come to the box.
I found some sweet CDs, so I drew this on the spot. It's awful.
--Well hey, thanks anyway!

 And finally, from the introductory notes of a previous zine documenting free box finds:
ABQ Lost is an entity dedicated to investigating the secret psychic histories of this region. As one might guess, the scientific methodology required to obtain such information can be very different from that of the consensus reality. To achieve the most worthwhile results, special attention needs to be paid to the margins, the gutters and the garbage, in both literal & symbolic senses. ABQ Lost collects material from as many disparate sources as possible, assessing & cross-referencing them equally with intuitive rigor and dispassionate empathy. This method, applied with discernment, can provide refined glimmers of the Whole through refracted glimpses of the Hole.
More "expanded material" related to the ABQ Lost mission to be posted soon!


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