Sunday, October 7, 2012

ABQ Lost: "The New #2"

Starting today, most RFN posts for a while will follow up on the promise of "Expanded material related to this zine online soon" made in The New #2: furthur findings ov ABQ Lost. This photo of the original Mystery Media Free(k) Box was taken shortly after the first ABQ Lost came out. I got tired of lugging this abandoned newspaper dispenser to shows for hyping the zine, and chained it up in an alley where it became the free box. Somebody snapped it early on, before it got covered with graf, stickers, coverup paint, more graf, etc... Two or three years later (?!), the lock was cut & the box got removed. The Free(k) Media box turned out to be a Hydra, as there's now several around town:

  1. There’s one in the alley that runs East-West between Garfield SE & the old cemetery, sorta behind Synchro Studio (512B Yale SE).
  2. In a neighborhood north of downtown, there’s a free box by the alley between 11th & 12th, on Granite NW. It’s a couple blocks north of Lowe's grocery on Lomas, right next to the backyard entrance for the Moldspores venue (923 11th St. NW), which also houses a fantastic lending library & distro. Call (505) 238-2181 to see if they’re open to visitors
  3.  There’s one outside The Tan gallery (1415 4th St. SW), with a cool light that can be switched on or off if there's new material inside. 
  4. While not necessarily connected to the Free(k) Media mission, there's a cardboard box that says "Free" sitting in front of the bulletin board outside the Fine Arts Library (FAL), on the 4th floor of the UNM Design Bldg. (across Central from Frontier). FAL is also a good place to check out obscure & underground videos, which you don't have to be a student to access- you can get a "community card" for about $30/year! A lot of the Alphaville Video (RIP) collection ended up here. 
  5. There’s also one not far from where the original was. It’s on Silver SE, between Cornell & Stanford, right by the sidewalk on the north side of the street. There’s even a bulletin board next to the spot! It's protected from the elements underneath the awning of a bricked-up former porch. Keep in mind that this location is actually attached to a residence, and I doubt that anyone asked first. So don’t be a dick to the unwitting hosts of the newest Free(k) Media Box.  
  6. The newest Free(k) Media Box is located around the corner from The Octopus & The Fox boutique, at 514 Central Ave. SE, in the Huning Highlands neighborhood. It’s a gorgeously painted item, sitting right next to an Alibi box.

Now more than ever- support local independent & underground media; practice self-expression.
Small things grow tuff in the desert.
Thanx, Dcat

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