Monday, March 28, 2011

Outdoor Movie Night this Thursday!

Thur. Mar. 31- Low budget, High concept Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Flicks:
The hippest ipod in town is splitting! One last chance to give Dylan hell before he moves to Portlandia and gets mauled by Critical Massholes.
Appropriately enough, we’ll be watching the 1979 made-for-PBS version of The Lathe of Heaven, a novel by lifelong PDX resident & brilliant scifi/fantasy author Ursula K. LeGuin. Made on a no-shoes budget, this film became the most requested & highly awarded show PBS ever created, and never mind the 2002 A&E remake. It’s heady stuff, about the nightmare of one man’s dreams literally becoming reality.
We’ll finish the night with eternal classic Space is the Place, the only scifi B-movie/blaxploitation/music documentary/spiritual manifesto that I know of. Myth-scientists Sun Ra & his Intergalactic Solar Arkestra are the subject of this wild ride, and it’s got crazy jive, political intrigue, plenty of skin and out-of-this-world jazz like nothing else. Sun Ra didn’t approve of the “pimps n hos” sub-story and had about 20 mins. cut from the original (which is also worth watching for reference- check UNM’s Fine Arts Library for the Mystic Fire VHS salvaged from Alphaville), but we’ve got the director’s cut here.

@ The Cornell compound, BBQ grill available, firewood also welcome.

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